A pioneering institution established in 1974, the Research Centre for Womens Studies (RCWS)at SNDT University, Mumbai, is the largest and oldest of its kind in India. during its 29 years of existence, its contribution to the development of Womens Studies has been largely recognized, both nationally and internationally.

During this period, the RCWS has undertaken several research projects with generous grants from national and international donor agencies, with a very broad-based research focus, which has led to theoretical studies (some with policy implications) and action based projects.

It has also contributed to the development of Womens Studies curriculum and training manuals. It has a well established publications programme, including a quarterly newsletter, and it reaches out to the larger community through its regular seminar series and networking programmes.

  • Dr. Putul Sathe



  • To contribute significantly to the alleviation of gender inequity in India by developing a data base on women through research (currently under way through research projects).

  • To implement teaching/training in Womens Studies (currently through the Post Graduate Certificate Course in womens Studies and a proposed Ph.D in Womens Studies).

  • To generate teaching materials and disseminate knowledge by expanding its existing publication programmes (such as, the RCWS Gender Series and the RCWS Women of the World Series).

  • To encourage collaboration between universities and non-government organizations in order to promote the sharing of research expertise and the development of educational and extension programmes which will lead to real social change.

  • To develop the potential of the RCWS for excellence so that it contributes significantly towards the creation of a gender just society through research, documentation, archiving, publications, teaching, training and community outreach activities.
  • Born out of a political commitment to the realization of gender justice, the Research Centre for Women’s Studies strives to fulfill the founding vision of SNDT Women’s University of women’s empowerment through higher education. Through its multi-varied activities of research, teaching/training, publication, documentation /archive and community outreach programmes, undertaken from the standpoint of women’s lived experiences, the RCWS strives to generate critical consciousness about sexism and misogyny in the socio-political, economic and cultural order. Its activities are aimed at acquiring fresh insights into women’s lives.